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Body Block AI


Body Block AI
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San Mateo, CA
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For Fashion Apparel brands, the body dimensions of your customers are the cornerstone of your business.

Our Body First platform enables you to transform your entire business cycle, increase profits and build loyalty with your shoppers.

Optimize Sales

The BodyBlock Recommend omni-channel size and fit recommendation tool predicts each shopper’s body measurements and recommends the best fitting size to increase conversions and reduce returns.

Optimize Design

BodyBlock Recommend data allows us to recommend grade rule and size construct modifications for designing future seasons.

Optimize Size Run Planning

BodyBlock Recommend analytics include IP address and location information, which allows us to recommend inventory size run planning per geo-location and channel.

Optimize Ad Targeting

BodyBlock Recommend data and analytics includes digital ad attribution, which allows us to recommend the best campaigns to shoppers with body dimensions that fit your available sizes.