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With a community of 16,000+ member companies spanning the diverse retail industry, NRF membership gives retail digital marketers access to unique networking opportunities, industry resources, research, events and more.


NRF councils and committees 

Connect and build relationships with other industry digital marketing and ecommerce experts at NRF NXT through collaborative networking opportunities and groups designed to bring retail leaders together. NRF’s councils and committees provide retail members with the latest insights, best practices and a thoughtful space to share challenges and solutions. 

Digital Council

This council is open to the senior executive leading digital at the organization – usually the Chief Digital Officer, SVP or GM or Digital or Ecommerce.

Marketing Executives Council

This council is open to the CMO, SVP or the organization’s most senior marketing leader. 

Retail Communicators Network

In this network, communicators and investor relations professionals connect on challenges, solutions and consumer research insights in the retail industry.  

Additional NRF councils of interest include the Strategic Supply Chain Council, Diversity & Inclusion Working Group and the Sustainability Council.

NRF research, content and events

NRF On Demand

Watch curated industry content anytime and on any device. Content is regularly refreshed with the latest takeaways and actionable items from NRF’s events and webinar series.  
NRF research

NRF’s research provides industry professionals with year-round data on current trends and insights specific to the digital marketing community. Take advantage of NRF’s premier data to help your company make data-driven decisions. 

Data supporting the digital retail community:

Discover recent digital marketing research reports:

NRF events and conferences
NRF provides members with a front-row seat (virtually or in person) to hear from industry experts and learn the latest trends and insights happening in the retail sector. Members can take advantage of exclusive members-only events and discounts.

Recent events:

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