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Engaged: The creation of experiential retail

Wednesday, July 15
Engaged: The creation of experiential retail
In retail, “experience” continues to morph from verb to noun. Customers are looking for retail engagement, brand interaction and immersive encounters in ever-expanding ways. How are retailers answering the call and creating the right experience for each guest? Gather for an informal give-and-take to explore:
  • How have generational expectations shifted, and what does Gen Z really want?
  • How have devices and digital brand interactions transformed guest expectations?  
  • How does customer creation of content and stories influence how you engage?
  • What’s the impact of customization on the retail experience, and who really creates it?
  • How can the pressure of retail differentiation spur you on?
David Kepron
VP, Global Design Strategies, Premium Distinctive Brands
Marriott International