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How to handle the changing human brain - Be creative, be brave

Tuesday, July 14
How to handle the changing human brain - Be creative, be brave

As a retail design, merchandising and brand consultant, David Kepron draws on 25 years of work as an architect, artist and educator. His multidisciplinary approach to the design of hospitality experiences and shopping places focuses on understanding consumer behavior and the creation of relevant shopping experiences at the intersection of sociology, neuroscience and emerging digital technologies. During the session, Davie will look at:

  • key drivers to great brand experiences – Relationship – Story – Play - Ritual
  • the brain science of customer engagement – what you should know about what goes on in the brain while guests are interacting in brand experience places. How to use this information to design more effective brand experience places.
  • the digitally enabled guest – who they are experiencing brands, making content, telling stories, and ok with the ephemeral nature of the digital world
  • how all of these things are interrelated and influencing the nature of place-making
David Kepron
VP, Global Design Strategies, Premium Distinctive Brands
Marriott International