Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal
CTO and Co-Founder
As a seasoned technologist and leader, Amit co-founded THE YES after two decades of experience including all three of the early search pioneers (Google, Bing, and Inktomi); Groupon, before and immediately after its IPO; and Bloomreach, where he spent four years as CTO and VP Engineering. At Groupon, Amit powered it’s hyper-growth by leading teams on personalization, search, and targeting. He was recruited to run engineering at Bloomreach, a leader at the intersection of machine learning and enterprise software. Amit brings deep technical experience and engineering leadership to THE YES, where the team is re-writing the architecture of e-commerce, leveraging the latest in search and ML technologies. Amit received a BS at IIT-Delhi and MS at the University of Washington in computer science. He lives in Los Altos with his wife and two children.
September 29
12:00 pm12:45 pm
There are over 500 million Google search results for “AI in retail”. What does it really mean, and how is AI actually being used across the industry today? Hear from technology experts and brands on real-world applications of this buzzy technology like better predicting what inventory to have on shelves, personalizing the shopping experience, pricing, even writing effective marketing copy.… Read more