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Andrew Krebs-Smith


CEO and Founder
Social Fulcrum
Andrew is the founder of Social Fulcrum: a direct-response digital marketing agency that helps high-growth companies scale their businesses via Facebook and Instagram media campaigns. Before founding Social Fulcrum Andrew built and grew several digital agency teams.

In the early part of his career Andrew felt that advertising was not held accountable for true business impact in a meaningful way. Founding Social Fulcrum in 2010 was his solution: direct-response digital advertising based on structured cycles of testing, with data and analytics at the core.

Facebook and Instagram were the obvious channels to leverage this data-driven approach since they have huge scale, sophisticated measurement, and precise targeting. Focusing solely on the FB/IG platform has enabled SF to outperform much larger “generalist” agencies who can’t maintain the same depth of expertise.

Since 2016 Social Fulcrum has led growth of new measurement and optimization technologies specific to the retail industry including offline conversions and store visit ads. Combined with Social Fulcrum’s process and proprietary tools, these technologies have enabled large retailers to gain faster insights, more visibility, enhanced personalization, and higher ROI on their advertising spend.

Andrew has continued to expand his Boston-based team with talented, technical, and analytical professionals with a passion for direct-response digital. Social Fulcrum has helped numerous high-growth ecommerce startups and Fortune 500 retailers acquire new customers and expand relationships with existing customers.

Andrew holds a BA in Advertising and Marketing from Loyola University, and MBA in from Babson College.

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Tuesday Jul 23
4:30 - 5:30 PM
Acacia Ballroom 1, Level 2
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