Christine Russo

Christine Russo
Retail Creative & Consulting Agency
Christine Russo and the Retail Creative and Consulting Agency, sit at the intersection of information and innovation serving the industry of retailers and retail technology. She runs Connected Retail and produces short-form videos about the technology for the retail industry. Her Founder’s Interviews have become well known for authentic reporting and information - they are growing as a global go-to resource to see leading technology platform founders engage in real-talk about solutions – game-changing, affordable, manageable solutions --that have big impact on the bottom line.

Making her “Retail Tech Must-Haves” has become a coveted position for founders. She is a graduate of Cornell University, has made her way to retail by way of Deloitte and held senior executive roles in Store Development at global retail brands.

Her unique ability is to provide clarity around solutions for major pain points.
September 1
12:00 pm12:45 pm
New experiments are pushing retailers and their partners to consider a variety of next-gen logistics strategies. is a new platform that consolidates packages into weekly deliveries and facilitates returns with an equally resourceful method. On the West Coast, the University of Washington is coordinating the Urban Freight Lab project. Designed as a microhub, the project is one… Read more