Hongpei Zhang

Hongpei Zhang
Hongpei Zhang
VP, Customer Insights and Advanced Analytics
Neiman Marcus Group
Silicon Valley analytics executive with 25 years’ broad experience in data science, predictive modeling and advanced analytics that inform business strategies and decision-making in customer segmentation, CLV, marketing, merchandising and supply chain. Strategize and implement analytics solutions to analyze, optimize and monetize customer online and offline interactions at scale; Excellent track record in improving and optimizing ROI and ROAS; Proven ability to partner with C-suite executives and influence with data-driven recommendations

Led and built data science and advanced analytics teams for successful startups as well as established brands (e.g. Yahoo!, Nieman Marcus Group, E*Trade, Esurance and FICO). Successful entrepreneur who raised multiple rounds of funding and launched SaaS offerings
September 29
12:00 pm12:45 pm
There are over 500 million Google search results for “AI in retail”. What does it really mean, and how is AI actually being used across the industry today? Hear from technology experts and brands on real-world applications of this buzzy technology like better predicting what inventory to have on shelves, personalizing the shopping experience, pricing, even writing effective marketing copy.… Read more