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Insights at every level.
ROI for every organization.

NRF NXT dives deep into the topics that matter most to ecommerce and digital marketing professionals. Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned veteran, you'll leave with new ideas that will help drive your business forward.

We are currenlty working hard on our 2021 programming. Below is an overview of the type of topics you can expect to hear about at NRF NXT.

Each day of NRF NXT features keynotes, and additional sessions that revolve around a particular topic and a mix of roundtable discussions, case studies and demos. You'll hear innovative digital strategies AND learn how to implement them in the real world.



The Future of Community Building  

Gaming’s Emerging Influence in Retail

Next Frontiers in Loyalty

Data Security, Privacy and Future Impacts

Going Long on the Future of AI and Robotics

Future of Payments and Cryptocurrencies

What is Next in Last Mile Delivery 

Trends in the Far-future Consumer 

Physical Retail 2030  

Fully Connected Future Cities  


A Conference That Gives You Real Results

The NRF NXT Learning Model allows digital commerce and marketing professionals to effectively learn about what's in the pipeline, what's in the lab and what's happening right now. You'll leave with actionable strategies and how-to models that will grow your business and ensure customers convert more, buy more and engage more.


Kevin Ertell


Ben Halliwell

New Marketing Landscape

Ben Halliwell

Customer Experience

Ben Halliwell

Mobile Conversion

Miki Berardelli

New Product Discovery

Kevin Ertell


Michael Griffin

The Changing Consumer

Ben Halliwell


Miki Berardelli

Search & Site Navigation

Kevin Ertell

Social Influencer Strategies

Michael Griffin

Content Creation & Management

Ben Halliwell

Personalization & Privacy


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Marketing & Social

Discover why social shopping is the new leading affiliate platform, and learn from brands and agencies who have leaned into new ways to optimize their marketing spend.

Digital Transformation & Disruption

Hear success stories from companies that have thrived amongst the disruption by using new marketplaces, AI and other ways to do business faster.